A collection of thought-provoking stories about life

Don’t Miss It—a book for enjoyment and reflection

About the book

Don’t Miss It is a book that invites the reader to think and feel. The thirty-six stories occur in all seasons of the author’s life, causing him to reflect on how to live life more fully with kindness, forgiveness, and thankfulness. Each story in Don’t Miss It is an exploration of truth-telling through powerful connections with one another.

Don’t Miss It:

  • Celebrates life through the lenses of the stories’ characters
  • Offers insight into the meaning behind everyday moments
  • Reminds us of the power of relationships

Praise for the book

Don't Miss It is splashed with humor and self-deprecation, tears and sorrow, surprise and joy. David has the unique and rare ability to transform all the colors of our emotions into a broad spectrum of sacred meaning.
Close-up photo showing smiling face and the shoulder area of Rebecca McFee, with snowy hillside and tall lodgepole pines in the background.
—Rebecca McFee
Chaplain, ordained minister and industrial organizational psychologist
David’s writing is a combination of Andy Griffith of Mayberry, Harper Lee and Paul Tillich. Don't Miss It has two complementary assets. It is a fun book to read and it is full of profound wisdom.
Charles Schuster sitting in a chair with a blue sweatshirt and books in the background
—Charles Schuster
Retired clergy, author, resource to the institutional church
Get a warm beverage, a comfortable chair and enjoy the chuckles and blessed insights that Don't Miss It offers. The stories are brilliant, delightful, insightful, magnificent, heart-warming, thoughtful and just generally good!!
Close-up of Cathy Smith smiling and hugging a small, laughing child from behind.
—Cathy Smith
Teacher, human resource executive, story-teller, seeker of meaning
Heartwarming, funny and poetic recollections that may surprise you when you are ambushed by a valuable life-lesson at the end of each story. These are simple short tales you’ll want to re-read and ponder before turning out your bedside light.
Close up of Rich Fisher wearing a black shirt, shown outdoors with a mountain scene in the background.
—Rich Fisher
Organic farmer and dedicated world-wide volunteer

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“Sliding Down the Wall”
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“Hoses and Cookies”
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“Never Had to Say”
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“His Name is Knucklehead”
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“Enjoy the chuckles and blessed insights that David’s stories offer.”
—Cathy Smith

Meet the author of Don't Miss It

David Dalke, D.Min., is a highly-regarded speaker, teacher, author, and facilitator who utilizes the art of story-telling in all of his presentations…

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