Knees Lifted High & Toes Pointed: Marching to Sounds of Human Decency

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Knees Lifted High and Toes Pointed brings to life moments in a small town’s history during the depression. All who read this will marvel at the national success Jake Dalke had, and realize that to dream and then see that dream become a reality is only a thought and hard work away.

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Passion, decency, joy, delight, hope, and pleasure describes this book.

Length: 108 pages
Language: English
Imprint: Resource Publications
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 9781666730081
Foreword by Taylor Clark

How does precise marching with captivating music change the lives of a “down and out” community? Knees Lifted High and Toes Pointed is the story of a small Kansas town being reborn amidst the Great Depression. It all happened through the sounds of a high school band, under the tutelage of Jake Dalke, a young Professor of Music. The band grew from zero members in 1934 to 100 talented high school musicians in 1941. What was the secret of Jake’s approach that was so compelling for families and students? The book explores numerous values for positive impact on his decency and leadership. The momentum builds, chapter after chapter. As the students honed their skills, the townsfolk became more excited and hopeful. It is an entertaining and captivating read.

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